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In addition to clinical trials conducted in our own site we also provide site management and support services to other study sites involved in conducting clinical research, streamlining the administrative and operational aspects of the clinical trial process.
We offer a range of services to help research sites navigate the complexities of clinical trials, including:

Site Selection: identification of suitable research sites and referral physicians for specific trials based on criteria such as patient demographics, therapeutic expertise, infrastructure and recruitment potential.

Patient Recruitment and Retention: we employ strategies and resources to optimize patient recruitment and retention at research sites. This may include outreach to key opinion leaders, general practitioners and patient engagement initiatives to improve trial enrollment and minimize dropouts.

Training and Education: we offer training programs and educational resources to research site staff, including investigators, coordinators and support personnel. This helps enhance their knowledge of GCP guidelines, study protocols and regulatory requirements.

Project Management: we provide project management support to research sites, coordinating activities related to trial execution, data collection and patient recruitment. We help ensure adherence to study timelines, protocol compliance and data quality.

Data Entry: we support research sites in data entry and quality control to ensure accurate and reliable data collection throughout the trial.

Regulatory Compliance: we assist research sites in maintaining compliance with local and international regulatory guidelines. We facilitate regulatory document management and implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure data integrity and patient safety.

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